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Pack F - Packets

SKU: ES.PK.00006
Excluding Taxes
  • 1 x Unused and spoilt ballot papers (paper sack with adhesive label included)

    1 x Marked Tendered Ballot Papers

    1 x Marked copy of the register, list of postal voters and list of proxies

    1 x Certificates of employment on the day of the poll

    1 x Tendered votes list, list of votes marked by PO, statement of number of votes marked by PO, list of voters with disabilities assisted by companions, declarations made by companions of voters with disabilities, and list of persons to whom ballot papers are delivered in consequence of an alteration to the register (LEPKT6)

    1 x Ballot paper account

    1 x Appointments of PO and poll clerks

    1 x Corresponding number lists

    1 x Ballot paper refusal list

    1 x Voter identification document evaluation form

    1 x Additional packet for use if required

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